Japanese Lesson in Nagoya and Nagakute, ShimaShima Academy

Japanese Lesson in Nagoya and Nagakute ShimaShima Academy しましまアカデミー


Thank you for visiting my website. I'm a qualified Japanese language teacher with 14 years teaching experience at a Japanese language school in Tokyo. Currently, I live in Nagakute and I offer private lessons in Nagoya and Nagakute.
Are you interested in learning Japanese? Do you live in Japan and feel you need to speak Japanese in both your private and work life? The more you get in touch with Japanese language, the more you can have an enjoyable life in Japan. Here, you can improve your Japanese with a friendly and dedicated tutor.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

newWhy private lessons?

Flexible time
You can start learning Japanese anytime you want. You have four lessons a month, and you can book a date and a time that fits your schedule. Cancellation and make-up lessons are available. Extra lessons are also available.
Flexible place
Would you like to go to Sakae or Nagoya to attend a Japanese language school every week? It's not smart spending your time and money to shuttle between your home and school. Here, around Fujigaoka, you can take lessons from an experienced tutor.
Standard Japanese
You can learn standard Japanese from a fully qualified tutor with standard accent.
Concentrated and relaxed
You can learn at your own pace. You have more opportunities to talk and ask in a private lesson. Don't waste your time in a large classroom!
Tailor made
There is a variety of lesson materials to meet your needs and goals. The tutor assists you to improve your language skills through the lesson record.


shima-shima = しましま

means "stripe" in Japanese.
Also it's my name.
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Build stripe patterns using language - your mother tongue plus Japanese!